Tips for Applicants Applying for Jobs

One of my favourite things as Headteacher is recruitment and it is this time of year when applications go into overdrive.

As I am currently going through this process, I thought it would be a good idea to share some suggestions and tips for applicants to avoid.

Essentially, applying for a job is a competition. Albeit, one where the rules are not necessarily made explicit. Every Headteacher will be looking for different things from their applicants, but one thing is certain - candidates need to make themselves stand out for the correct reasons.

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Why Don't You Use Twitter?

Over the past year or so, I’ve been asked by a number of schools how and why we use Twitter.

We originally used Twitter as a means of parental engagement. We wanted a way to communicate with parents in an easy way, what exactly was happening in school and what their children were learning.

It all started fairly innocuously: Our aim was simple: to share a video we had shown in that day’s assembly; and it worked! The next day we had pupils telling us that they had shown the video to their parents.

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Stepping out of the Shadows

Less than a year ago, at the Kent Deputy Headteacher conference, a representative from the LA asked the delegates if they were interested in becoming headteachers. Those who were raised their hands - I was not one of them.

A month ago, I secured my first headship.

So, what changed? How did I go from being adamant that I didn't want a headship to actually taking that next step?

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Peace At Last

I have a theory that climbing Snowdon is a bit like giving birth - if you remembered how painful and how much hard work it was the first time, you wouldn't be doing it a second!

About 30 minutes from the summit, I asked myself: Why am I putting myself through this?

It's not that I particularly enjoy mountain-walking. It's not even the challenge, as it is something that I have already accomplished. It's the peace and quiet.

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We May Experience Some Turbulence

“Ladies and gentlemen, we're experiencing some turbulence. Please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts."

I was flying back to England when this announcement came out over the tannoy (although 'being flown' is probably a more accurate description - the distinction is important).

Whilst being buffeted around the cabin, I began to question: how much training and experience did my pilot actually have; were they the best person for the job (i.e. getting us to England in one piece) and, most importantly, what could I do about it if I wasn't happy with the way the plane was being piloted?

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