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Digital Leaders


Our digital leaders: Maisie-Jo, Matthew, Thomas, Emily, Lewis, sky, Amelia and Callum

Phoenix School has invested a lot of money in technology and boasts interactive televisions in every classroom, a computing suite of 30 PC's and a class set of 32 iPad minis. As well as this, every classroom has its own bank of PC's and there is also a bank of laptops available for staff and pupil use.

Digital leaders are, at the basic idea, pupil monitors for the tech that is used in schools. They are children who are interested, enthusiastic and thanks to training, knowledgeable! They spread good behaviour with technology, support teachers and are able to showcase what is possible. And, importantly, they develop their own skills and become a showcase for what is achievable!

At Phoenix, digital leaders are trained to carry out specific tasks regularly (such as emptying the Camera Roll on the school iPads), they also support other pupils and teachers when using new technology.