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Digital Leaders


Our digital leader group comprises of three year 5 pupils and three year 6 pupils, starting in Term 2.

Phoenix School investment strategically supports greater pupil accessibility to technology using 1:2 iPad to pupil ratio across years 1 to 6, to support wider curriculum classroom accessibility and boasts a computing suite of 31 PC's windows desktops. Additionally, every class has a 70" Interactive TV.  

Digital leaders are pupil ambassadors of technology across the school and in classes to model safe, creative, digital expression.  Pupils are invited to become a Digital Leader by showing attentiveness during computing lessons, willingness to collaborate, support other children and even train staff - those selected may not have the best skills, but rather those who best encourage and guide others.  A positive role model  who is interested, enthusiastic, and thanks to training, knowledgeable! They demonstrate and spread good behaviour using technology, assist teachers to share top tech tips. More importantly, Digital Leaders develop their own skills by self-discovery 'tinkering', being brave to fail forward and to share what is achievable!

At Phoenix, digital leaders are trained to carry out specific tasks regularly (such as recharging iPads and evaluating new applications), they also support other pupils and teachers when using new technology.

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