School Improvement Plan

The School Improvement Plan is the single plan for improving our school and tracking the progress of our pupils. It is informed by the school's most recent self-evaluation (March 2018) in which the views of parents, pupils and staff are sought.

Key Improvement Priorities:

  1. Ensure that new leaders have the capacity and skills to bring about school improvement.
  2. Improve parental engagement in their child's learning & develop pupil skills in assessing their own work.
  3. Ensure that pupils are supported effectively with pastoral interventions, especially those with significant Social, Emotional, Behavioural Needs.
  4. Promote spelling across the school and continue to raise the profile of reading to ensure good progress in English.
  5. To implement teaching for mastery in maths across the school to improve learning outcomes for pupils.
  6. To cascade in-house skills between staff to ensure vulnerable pupils have high-quality, impactful interventions.

The School Plan is updated and shared at every Full Governing Body Meeting.