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PESE (Kent Test; 11+)

Key Dates

  • Registration opened: 1st June 2021
  • Registration closed: 1st July 2021 (closes midnight)
  • Kent Grammar School Test: 9th September 2021
  • Assessment Result sent to Parents: 21st October 2021: (by email after 4pm, post slightly later) 
  • Kent Test Registration Leaflet (from 2020)

Your child's score

Your child will get 3 standardised scores, one for English, one for Maths and one for Reasoning, and a total (aggregate) score.

Standardisation is a statistical process which compares your child's performance with the average performance of other children in each test. A slight adjustment is made to take account of each child's age so that the youngest are not at a disadvantage. See here for an explanation of threhold scores for 2020. To be given a grammar school assessment in 2020, children needed a total score of 332 or more, with no single score lower than 108. Test scores range from 69 to 141. The highest possible total score is 423.

Applying for secondary school

Kent parents will be able to name up to 4 secondary school preferences, before the deadline closes at the start of November 2021.

It is important to find information about the schools you're interested in. See 'choose a school' information on www.kent.gov.uk Applications for secondary school in 2022 can be done online through Kent here and will open in September 2021.

If your child is assessed as suitable for grammar school, any Kent grammar school you apply for will consider your application, but this does not guarantee your child will be offered a place. If more children qualify for places than it has space for, the school must use its admissions criteria to decide which children to offer places to. If your child is not offered a place at a grammar school because it is full you can put their name on the school's school's waiting list. You can also appeal to explain why you think the school should admit your child even though it is full.

If your child was not tested or was not assessed as suitable for a Kent grammar school, you can still apply for a Kent grammar school but your application will be turned down. You will then have the right to appeal to explain why you think grammar school is a suitable option for your child.

Apply here (for Kent Test 11+)

If your child is disabled or has special educational needs

If your child has a disability or special educational need that may affect the way they access the test, you need to discuss this with Miss Leavey, Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) or Mrs Crockford,  as soon as possible. Any proposal for alternative access requirements must made by the school by 12 July 2021.

When you register your child for the Kent Test online, you will need to confirm if you have discussed a request for access arrangements with your child's school.


Many of the sites want you to purchase materials or sign up but also have many free materials that you can use to help your child familiarise themselves with the test. Please bear in mind that different local authorities have different tests so you need to look at the format of the Kent questions. Look here for the Kent sample materials and further materials and additional familiarisation from GL Assessment:



Eleven Plus Exams

A site with a wide range of advice, tips and links to other sites:


This site also has a guide to say which type of questions are included in the Kent test which can help when you are using free or purchase materials.

Verbal Reasoning: https://www.elevenplusexams.co.uk/advice/verbal-reasoning/gl-assessment-nfer-vr-question-types

Try the free demo for free non-verbal reasoning questions: https://www.elevenplusexams.co.uk/free-11-plus-practice-papers/elevenplusexams-non-verbal-reasoning-nvr

Bond Assessment Papers

You will need to register to access the free resources on a tab along the top.







Master Brain Academy

Non-verbal reasoning paper with answers


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