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Chris Johnson

On behalf of the children, staff and governors, a very warm welcome to our school website. At Phoenix Community Primary School, we pride ourselves on being a community school where every child matters and parents and carers are welcomed in to the school and recognised as crucial to their child’s success and happiness.  It is a real privilege working with the children, staff, families and community and we are committed to giving pupils the very best start in life and providing opportunities and experiences that makes their time at school fun, rewarding and successful.

I hope you find this website informative and useful; it is designed to give you a taste of the vibrant and exciting nature of our school, the high-quality work of our pupils and the excellent education we deliver. Please do not hesitate to contact us or, better still, come and visit the school for yourself. We look forward to welcoming you in person.

Chris Johnson, Headteacher

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    • Reading for Pleasure

      Reading for Pleasure

      Every child deserves to leave primary school being able to securely read; a vital part of this is getting children to enjoy reading. We have an excellent, well-resourced school library which our children visit every week and this is also open to parents.

    • Safeguarding Children

      Safeguarding Children

      Looking after the welfare and safety of your children, both online and in the 'real world' is of paramount important at Phoenix School. Our Welfare & Safeguarding team meet regularly to discuss all children we have concerns about and what support the school can provide.

    • Music at Phoenix

      Music at Phoenix

      We are especially proud of our school's commitment to music - every pupil has a weekly music lesson in our purpose-built Music Studio and the school also subsidises individual instrumental tuition for all children in our Rock Band, Choir or Orchestra.

    • Creative Arts

      Creative Arts

      We have a strong commitment to the Creative Arts at Phoenix School and were awarded ArtsMark Gold in 2014. We continue to emphasise the importance of creativity in our teaching and throughout our wider curriculum.

    • Teaching Children to Read

      Teaching Children to Read

      When your child is learning to read, there are two crucial things to learn: what sounds are represented by written letters and how to blend these sounds together to make words. At Phoenix School we use a programme called 'Read, Write Inc.' to teach this.

    • Working with Parents

      Working with Parents

      Partnership with parents is essential to getting the best for your children. At Phoenix School we aim to work together to ensure that children feel safe and secure at school and also encourage parents to support their children's learning.

    • Healthy Children, Healthy Minds

      Healthy Children, Healthy Minds

      Central to children's wellbeing is a healthy lifestyle. There is plenty of lay equipment available at breaktimes and we actively encourage participation in a range of after-school clubs as well as entering competitions across Ashford and against other schools.

    • Our Partnership Work

      Our Partnership Work

      In order to secure the best possible outcomes for the children of Phoenix School, we work in partnership with a range of schools, companies and charities both local and national. We are also developing our international links.

    • Promoting Positive Values

      Promoting Positive Values

      Positive values and behaviours are activity encouraged throughout both the National Curriculum and the 'wider' life of the school. These are also identified and rewarded through our 'Behaviour for Learning Policy'.

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