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Welcome to our Phonics page where we will be loading information and exercises to help the children with their home learning.

Phonics at Phoenix Community Primary School 

We follow Phoenix Phonics programme to ensure children develop their phonic skills in a coherent and systematic way. There is whole class teaching of phonics using this programme from Reception Class upwards throughout Key Stage One. Children in KS2 receive additional small group phonics teaching if they have failed to pass the phonics check in Year 1 or the retake in Year 2. Children who are still developing their phonic knowledge take home a phonically decodable book matched closely to their phonic phase bi-weekly. It is one of our school priorities to ensure that all children develop confidence in phonics to enable them to become confident readers. We greatly appreciate parental support in this area and encourage parents to read the phonically decodable books with their child regularly.

We use the resources from Read Write Inc. but have designed our scheme to suit the needs and learning behaviours of our children.

Each class has a speed sound chart displayed in the classroom; each key stage one teacher and teaching assistant will have a set of sound cards, green words, red words and nonsense words which they use to aid their teaching. These resources are used to support the children’s learning during designated phonics learning time as well as during English lessons, reading lessons and during phonic interventions to make sure that all children make as much progress as possible.

In line with the National Curriculum, children are taught their spelling patterns in line with Phoenix Phonics. These are taught in correlation to ensure that we maximise our children’s learning. It is expected that children use the spelling patterns they are learning within their writing and teachers are ensuring that the children are using the correct patterns and making corrections where necessary.

Phonics Videos

Here is a short presentation to inform you how we teach Phonics at Phoenix and to give you ways that you can support your child at home with their phonics and reading.

Phonics Videos-phonemes

Click the picture below for our YouTube playlist of individual videos with the teaching of the individual sounds your child will be learning. Please watch the sounds together  that your child has been learning at school to help them practise their phonics skills.

Red words

Click the picture below for videos of the common exception words that your child needs to learn. Practise reading these words with your child.

Speed sounds

Watch these videos and join in to practise your phonics sounds that you have learnt so far.

Phonics Sets

Below are 4 PDFs that you can use with your children.  Click on each link to view them in a new window.

Greenword set one

Greenword set two

Greenword set three

Red word set one

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