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Safeguarding Children

Who is responsible for Safeguarding in the School?

At Phoenix Community Primary School, everyone is responsible for ensuring high standards of pupil behaviour, safety and welfare.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is the one responsible for all matters related to safeguarding in the school. At Phoenix Community Primary School, this person is Chris Johnson (Headteacher).

Sarah Town (Deputy Headteacher), Rachel Leavey (SENCO), Alison Crockford (SEN) and Dena Bebell (Family Liaison Officer) have also had the necessary training to act as DSL.

Reporting a Concern


Who are the Safeguarding And welfare Team? 

The Safeguarding and Welfare Team are (from left to right):

  • Leon Robichaud (Headteacher)
  • Sarah Town (Deputy Headteacher)
  • Rachel Leavey (SENCo)
  • Dena Bebell (Family Liaison Officer)
  • Sam Morrin (Class Teacher)
  • Diane Davis (Office Manager/Attendance Officer)

Concerns are recorded, raised immediately and then discussed with the members of the Safeguarding and Welfare Team to identify the appropriate support/action. Every fortnight, the team meet and review all concerns that are currently ongoing and discuss new referrals from staff and parents. If you have any concerns about the welfare of any child in school, then please do not hesitate to come in and speak to any member of the team. 

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Online Safety

With technology advancing at a rate faster than most of us can cope, and with the added pressure of children nowadays being at the forefront of exposure to this advanced technological age with regard to the internet, mobile phones, laptops, computers and tablet devices, we believe that e-safety awareness and safe practice is of paramount importance.

While prevention is sometimes better than the cure as it is so often said, we understand and appreciate the need for children to learn of and embrace these technologies and as a result we equally understand the need to teach them to use it responsibly, ethically, wisely and to guide them on how to best prepare themselves to stay safe while online.

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Photographing Children: FAQ's


Why do we need a policy?

Schools, playgroups and youth groups have always used photographs as a way of celebrating achievement or seeking publicity for fundraising etc. Parents and families and the children themselves often derive great pleasure from seeing their loved ones in print or on a website. We want to ensure that everyone can continue to enjoy these activities safely. However parents need to be aware that placing any identifying information in the public domain has risks. Parents need to understand these issues in order to give properly considered consent. It is important that parents and schools have the opportunity to fully consider the issues before any problems can arise. 

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Kent Safeguarding Children Multi-Agency Partnership


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Kent Safeguarding Multi-Agency Partnership works to protect and safeguard the children of Kent: https://www.kscmp.org.uk/

There is a wealth of information on the KSCMP website for professionals, parents, carers and young people.



The focus of KSCMP arrangements is to:

  • promote effective multi-agency safeguarding support;
  • take rapid and decisive action to safeguard those at risk of harm or abuse and access the most appropriate support services to keep them safe;
  • make children’s safeguarding personal and timely;
  • engage with children and families, help them in strengthening their resilience and provide access to the most appropriate support;
  • drive effective partnership;
  • provide robust independent scrutiny and assurance to the partnership in relation to safeguarding and the welfare of children in Kent.


The implementation of the new KSCMP arrangements is a clear indication of Kent’s intention to take forward a shared and robust partnership arrangement which is a revised way of working across the safeguarding landscape. These arrangements also re-affirm Kent's commitment to working collaboratively across local agencies and organisations to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and improve outcomes for children and families.

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